AILESIA is a network of authors publishing books and other creations. Their statements want to help people on their way to a life in awakened consciousness, to draft visions of a future mankind and to encourage self-awareness and -realisation.

AILESIA is the name of a wonderful female being of light with a shining joy-sparkling energy. She is the blazing beloved of the new, a ingenious epicure spreading life, wisdom and humor. She is known for her chants arousing our holistic consciousness and sparking our all-embracing love by charming sounds.

In our network the authors keep the governance of their texts and creations and publish on their own responsibility though a board approves the publications.

We are a non-profit network, have an independent framework, free of any political or religious tendency. Our network serves freedom and truth and supports the free development of consciousness.

We have the vision of a mankind composed by awakened, conscious and free individuals together creating a world of peace, joy and love. An utopia? No, the new reality!

Do you feel addressed? So please share this website and their books and creations with as many of your friends as possible!

With a joyful smile

Your AILESIA networkers